Kiteboarding - Theory and Techniques

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The DVD Kiteboarding: Theory and Techniques has been conceived to accompany kiteboarders in their progression. All the moves are demonstrated by a professional rider, Sigve Botnen. The sequences dedicated to theory help the viewer to better understand the behaviour of the kite and to improve their riding technique.

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Kiteboarding : Theory and techniques with the participation of Ozone Kites and especially Sigve Botnen.

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Kiteboarding is a watersport which blends the sensation of flying, provided by the pull of the kite, with surfing, thanks to the board. The resulting planing experience is incomparable! It's a technically-demanding activity, which requires good instruction. This DVD will accompany your training, helping you develop your skills as a rider, and improving your awareness of safety. Certain sequences are devoted to aspects of theory, such as 'points of sailing', the wind window, or the flight mechanics of the kite. A better understanding of these concepts will help you to refine your riding style. Other chapters cover riding techniques: the waterstart, defining a course, U-turns and jumps. Observe the moves to make, the pressures to apply and the positions to adopt to further improve your level of skill.

As a bonus, watch the interviews with two professional riders.